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Mel Steele of Boston - The Importance of Physical Fitness in the Personal Protection Industry

Mel Steele Boston is the Chief Operating Officer at 1st Armor Protection Services in Boston. After an illustrious career with law enforcement, Mel moved over to the private security industry. One of the prerequisites of those wanting to build a career in the personal protection industry is that they need to be physically fit. Mel Steele grew up in Boston and has been playing sports and working out to maintain a well-built body.

Mel Steele Boston

While it is important to have the right training in the latest security technology, driving, and the use of firearms, it is useless if the personal protection executive is not physically fit. Many people find it difficult to take the time to work out at the gym, but in the security industry, there are no shortcuts and every personal protection executive needs to have a muscular, well-built body.

Any detail you are on as a personal protection executive will require you to be on your feet, getting in and out of cars, walking, and carrying firearms and possibly protective body armor. If you are required to engage in close-quarter combat with an attacker, you will need to have the strength and agility to move quickly and overpower your assailant and protect your client. Doing this requires that you spend time exercising on a regular basis.

You will need to make sure that you are physically fit and have the necessary skills to safeguard your client at all times. Mel Steele Boston was a police officer for 12 years in Boston, and makes sure he regularly works out.


Mel Steele of Boston - How to Include Physical Fitness Into Your Day-To-Day Life

Mel Steele of Boston is an experienced personal protection executive who has been in law enforcement for over 12 years. Steele grew up in Boston and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Delaware. After graduating from university, Mel Steele started working at the New Castle County Detention Center in Delaware before moving over to join the Police Department in Boston. Steele has always been interested in sports and physical fitness. He regularly works out and lifts weights to help maintain a strong muscular body. Here are some tips you can use to include physical fitness into your day-to-day life.

At Home

It does not take much to get started with staying fit, and once you get started, you can slowly build on your daily routine. Here’s what you can do at home.

  • Take a ten-minute brisk walk or ride your bike around the neighborhood. This is a good way to get started and give your body the cardio-workout it deserves. Start with a ten-minute routine and increase it to 30-minutes over the next two weeks.
  • If you have a lawn, you might want to use the weekend to mow the lawn and get some exercise. Mowing your lawn is a good reason to get off the couch and give your lawn a nice clean look. While you are mowing the lawn, you might want to include raking the leaves as well.
  • Another simple physical activity you can do at home is washing the car. It will take you at least one hour to wash and shine your car, and the number of times you will have to stand up straight, squat, and bend over while washing your car will give you enough physical exercise to get your heartbeat going.

Mel Steele of Boston believes staying physically fit is important if you want to enjoy life.

Mel Steele of Boston: Ardent NLF Fan

Mel Steele grew up in the Mattapan section of Boston and studied at the Westwood High School. Steele’s love for football started early when he was in high school. He joined the football team and quickly became a star player. His success was not just in football, but also in academics, as he focused his attention to excel in class and on the field. He has a good understanding of the game, and NFL is his passion. Mel Steele of Boston offers these tips for those attending their first NFL game.

Getting Your Tickets

The first thing to do is get yourself a ticket, or better still get a season ticket. You can get season tickets at several places such as the NFL Ticket Exchange, StubHub, and Ticketmaster. Though tickets on StubHub might cost a bit more, you will have the opportunity to choose your seats in the stadium. Remember it might be a good thing to sit together with your home team fans, and not in the opposing fans section.

Getting to the Stadium

Leave early so that you get to the stadium in time for the game. If you leave late, you will find yourself stuck in traffic and missing part of the game. If this is your first NFL match, you do not want to miss the kickoff, so plan to get to the stadium, and to your seat at least five minutes before kickoff. The experience of being at an NFL game for the first time is truly special, so make sure you leave early.

Stadium Security

Every stadium has tight security for all the games, so you will need to be ready to pass through the security personnel at the gate. If you have decided to carry your team blanket along, you will need to unfold it at the gate. If you are wearing a jacket, you will have to unzip it and identify items in your bag and pocket.

Mel Steele of Boston is an ardent NFL fan and closely watches all the games.


Life Progression to Security Company Ownership

Mel Steele started his own security company, Red Lions LLC, in the summer of 2014. He says that it has always been his dream to start his own company based on his extensive experience and skills he cultivated as a police officer in Boston working for the Youth Violence Strike Force and in the security details of many luminaries when they visited Boston. Steele worked security for the 2004 Democratic National Convention, three presidential visits to Boston, and for Ted Kennedy’s funeral in August 2009. He also did extensive work in the communities where gangs were the most active in Boston. Mel Steele of Boston worked with the communities to keep kids out of the streets and out of gangs.

Steele moved into private security after twelve years as a police officer, working as the Chief Administrator for 1st Armor Personal Protection and Security. He used his experience to develop a professional reputation for himself, setting himself up to start his own security company in 2014. Red Lions LLC opened as a small personal protection and security company that offers comprehensive services to clients who require executive protection while still offering individual attention to every security assignment they take on. Steele has slowly grown his client base since he began his company, as word of Red Lions professional services spreads throughout the city. The security professionals employed by Red Lions are prepared for any situation, and Mel Steele of Boston ensures that all of his employees are trained in both armed and unarmed conflict resolution, so they are prepared for any situation that comes their way.

Blue Nose Pit Bull Training Tips

Blue nose pit bulls are strong dogs and contrary to popular belief; they can be quite friendly. Of course, they have a bad reputation because these dogs were bred to fight in pits. A blue nose pit bull is an active dog, and if it does not have the necessary exercise, it can become bored and aggressive. Here are a few tips you can use to train your blue nose pit bull puppy.

House Training

Unlike many other dogs, pit bulls have strong natural instincts and will avoid soiling their area at any cost. Because of its natural instincts, house training a pit bull is easy. Pit bulls can be trained as from the age of five weeks. With a bit of patience, you will be able to house-train your bit bull.

Establish a teacher-learner relationship with your pit bull from an early age. When your pit bull puppy seeks attention and wants to be petted, hold your hand a foot above the nose and say “(pit bulls name), sit.” As you speak, move your hand over the ears, and this will make the dog look up which is the first part of making the dog sit. Keep repeating the process until the dog sits for about 5-10 seconds. Then slowly increase the time he remains seated for up to 2 minutes.

Start feeding your pit bull at least three times a day, some might require feeding five times a day. After you have fed the pit bull, take him outdoor and chase him (good naturedly) to his urinating and defecating area. He will start sniffing around and when he has found a “good spot” will relieve himself.

Mel Steele Boston is a personal protection specialist. Steele launched his personal protection company; Red Lions Group LLC. Mel Steele loves animals and has two blue nose pit bulls.

How to Help Your Community

There are several organizations involved in community work, helping the destitute, troubled teenagers and the elderly. Getting involved in helping in community service not only makes you a valuable person to your community, but also gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Here are a couple of things to help you get started with helping your community.

Mel Steele of Boston is a highly experienced personal protection specialist with over 12 years’ experience in security and law enforcement.

Contact the Local Community Affairs Office

Every area has its local community affairs office, municipality, local non-governmental organizations and neighborhood watch programs. Get in touch with one of them and enquire how you can help. Most volunteer programs will take up a couple of hours of your time each week.

Community-Oriented Programs

Community-oriented programs like adult literacy programs, safety training, tree planting, restoration projects, etc. are great places to help out. Most community-oriented programs are designed to include people to work together to give something back to the community. If you are a computer professional, you might want to volunteer helping get the IT infrastructure at the elderly home up and running. If you are a licensed teacher, you can help out in adult educational programs or at the center for child development for underprivileged children. There are virtually hundreds of community-related activities you can get involved in and give something back to the community.

Working Together With Others

Since it’s a community-related activity, you can include your family and neighbors together in helping build or restore things in your community. Working together with other people is a great way to build a community.

Mel Steele of Boston grew up in the Mattapan area of Boston. After graduating with a degree in Sociology, Steele worked at the New Castle County Detention Center in Delaware as a youth rehabilitation counselor.




Mel Steele of Boston - Working in the Community

Mel Steele of Boston got the opportunity to work in the community with at-risk youth as a member of the Youth Violence Strike Force. His work to forge a connection between the police and some of the more dangerous neighborhoods of Boston kept many youth out of gangs and dangerous situations. He worked for a time after college as a youth counselor for a correctional facility in Delaware before he became a cop. After twelve years working with communities to prevent their youth from joining gangs and participating in the increasing wave of gang-related violence in some communities in Boston, Steele joined the security company 1st Armor Personal Protection and Security.

1st Armor Personal Protection and Security is one of the premier security companies in Boston. It offers anyone a wide assortment of security services including bodyguards and building surveillance. As the Chief Administrator, Mel Steele of Boston manages some of the best bodyguard professionals in the business. He has earned their respect with his long distinguished career as a police officer.

Mel Steele of Boston moved on from the police force to work as the Chief Administrator for 1st Armor Protective Services and Security.

Mel Steele of Boston has backed up his long experience record with many specific skills acquired through training. Steele has attended many schools and training courses in such subjects as the Incident Command Course, Crowd Management, Community Policing, and Tactical Training. Steele has a rare combination of certified skills and years of experience that make him an excellent Chief Administrator of 1st Armor Personal Protection and Security. He tries to use his position to make life better for the customers he serves.


Specialized Detection of Illicit Drug Use

The professional security agent may have special duties to watch for, even seek out, possible drug users in the company environment.  The professional will benefit from familiarity with these illegal drugs:  narcotics like opium, morphine, cocaine or heroin; stimulants such as amphetamines; hallucinogens include LSD and mescalinete; cannabis variants like marijuana and hashish.  Common symptoms a drug user may exhibit include radical changes in work attendance, normal abilities, inattention, dress and personal hygiene changes, and efforts to cover the arms.

Intravenous (IV) drug use indicators include needle marks on the arms, pinhole pupils, frequent scratching, loss of appetite, drowsiness after a fix and restlessness with sniffles and watery eyes before a fix. The security officer should look for a syringe, bent spoon, small metal bottle, glassine bags or tinfoil packets on the subject.  Depressants cause behavior similar to alcohol intoxication. The officer should watch for sluggishness or difficulty in thinking, slurred speech, bad judgment, impaired motor skills and falling asleep at work.  Stimulant effects include exhilaration, hyperactivity, loss of appetite, repetitive non-purposeful behavior, dilated pupils and a chronically runny nose. Users may have straws, small spoons, mirrors and razor blades in their possession.

Hallucinogen users may sit quietly in a trance-like state or appear terrified. Nausea, chills, irregular breathing, sweating and trembling hands may be extant. Some may be uncommunicative, exhibit a blank stare, have increased sensitivity to pain and or experience amnesia,  while marijuana users may exhibit signs of lethargy, impaired motor skills and disordered sense of time and distance.  Mel Steele of Boston has studied the specialty of narcotics crime.


Mel Steele of Boston - The Effect of Music on the Human Brain

Mel Steele of Boston has a strong love for music having grown up listening to all the “golden oldies” his mother used to play, such as Teddy Pendergrass, Smokey Robinson, and Luther van Dross. Mel Steele grew up in the Mattapan section of Boston and liked to listen to the “Motown” sound coming from the speakers of his music system.

Music for most people is just a form of entertainment, but for those who play a musical instrument, it is much more than that. Music is a form of art and a powerful tool that has a profound effect on the human body, especially the mental abilities. Here are some important facts of how music affects the human brain.

According to a research conducted by Laurel Trainor, Director of the Institute for Music and the Mind at McMaster University, West Hamilton, Ontario, preschool children who took music lessons showed larger brain responses on several sound recognition tests compared to other children who did not take music lessons. Her findings revealed that musical training seems to modify the brain’s auditory cortex.

A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience showed that children who learn to play a musical instrument before the age of seven can experience significant changes in how the brain develops. The study showed that there is a greater ability to integrate and interpret sensory information such as sight, touch, and hearing. Musical training helps increase the brain’s ability to identify and pick out specific sounds, such as a melody, harmony or a voice in the crowd. This helps the brain become more proficient in learning new languages.

The study also revealed that children who start playing a musical instrument from an early age have strong connections across the corpus callosum, a thick nerve fiber that connects the right and left hemisphere of the brain. This is important because it changes white-matter connectivity, which helps the brain function and learn. The corpus callosum serves as a communication hub between the different areas of the brain, which in turn develops cognitive abilities, and helps defend against cognitive decline and memory loss in adult life.

Mel Steele of Boston has been listening to music from when he was a child, and has come to believe that music can help relax the mind and the body. He listens to a variety of genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Pop, and classical.